Motion Graphics For Televison

So as of late I’ve picked up a gig creating the motion graphics for a new television travel pilot called “Going Hostel” for host and producer Brock Dombrovski. I’ve seen the footage now, (some footage from his older teaser) and it looks really awesome, so I’m very excited about what it could lead too in future. Speaking with him about the project has been really great as well, as he is very exuberent about his work and extremely entertaining to listen to. He always has a story to tell about his adventures as he travels. It’s definitely one of the best projects I’ve had to work on professionally as a mothion graphics artist, and I’ll be really happy to show you guys some clips, once it’s deemed more appropriate. Still it’s a work in progress, but an exciting opportunity, and one I thought I’d share.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this!

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