A Trip Down Memory Lane

I uncovered some photos of a project I worked on a number of years ago. Alas, the project was never completed. Which is unfortunate, since it was a very ambitious an interesting project. My sister had been working on a short story, which she had submitted to several writing contest, none of which she won, but the story itself was actually quite odd, and we both felt it would have been perfect for an animated interpretation. I worked on the models and designs for the project with my sister for a number of months and the tests were turning out splendidly, but as time progressed, the scope of the project proved to be larger than I had time to tackle at the time, and the project fell by the wayside. Still, a few photos tell a story. Perhaps I’ll post a few more a little later.

Finn Skinner Project Photo’s
Finntest-1 Finntest-2
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