New Script and Thoughts on That

So I’ve been working on a new thriller that I’m a little over a quarter of the way through. So far I’ve been very happy with the results, but in the struggle to find the characters, you can often write 25 pages just to keep five pages, so that’s been my process up to this point. The script has a lot of moving pieces, which has made the development of plotting often maddeningly difficult. These are seriously the things I think about when writing a script. I’ve often had other writers recommend to back into the circumstances, so you start with something you can wrap your head around, and then gradually build it out until you have an entire script. I’m not always real consistent about doing that but I try. I’m currently trying to organize the script into blocks, where each block accomplishes some part of the character’s arc and then develops out the plot as we continue to add blocks. Seems to work pretty well to keep the script fairly modular until you get further along. Over the next few days, I’m finishing rewrites for Pulse of the Nation as well before Lifetouch calls me back. I will hopefully try to decide on the next step for that script after that. Anyway, those are my thoughts for today on that.

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