Microsoft Website Review

This isn’t really so much of a review as it is just me talking about how neat this site was to play with for a few minutes this afternoon.  I tried a couple of different photos on the site.  One was a much  younger me at the early age of 27 while the other photo was taken just last year at age 37.  The photo of me taken at 27 interestingly enough returned an age of 31, while the second photo returned an age of 44.  Both returned my sex as male, which is good, because I am.  You can see the photos included below.  I must just look older than I am though, and I have always been mistaken for older, even as a teenager.  Still, now this just confirms it.  Of course Microsoft says that the algorithm is still being worked on, but this just confirms my suspicions that while I am not particularly fat or ugly, I might just be old looking.  They say that 40 is the new 30, but at 40, I’m libel to look 50 to Microsoft software at least.  What do you think world?  Do I look 37 to you?

How Old Is Matt

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