My name is Matthew Kudej.  I am a video editor, award winning motion graphics artist and line producer working out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  This is my site for personal thoughts and ideas. If you are looking for my work site, you can find that at www.officialidea.com.

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  1. Andy Kudej says:

    Hi, my name is Andy Kudej I guess you could probably see that. But I was starting to do a little research on my family history and typed in my great grandpa’s name Matt Kudej and this poped up. Just wondering what your relation is or if there is any. We are from the north iowa area.
    Have a good day! Andy

    • mkudej says:

      I was named after Matt Kudej, and he is my great grandfather also. That would make us second cousins. I am Larry Kudej’s son, of the Forest City Kudej clan. Matt

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